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Welcome! All FunGuys and FunGals are family in our club. We are an interconnected network of creatives, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and weavers. Together we can achieve anything. Collect our vast and unique family of 9,696 mushrooms living on the Polygon blockchain.

Our Community Goals

~Spread knowledge and love for mushrooms
~Give back to the community via $$$
~Create coloring books for adults and kids to spend time together 
~Open an After School Program for children to learn about foraging, organic farming, and so much more

Minting Lottery
To give back to the community we will be giving away prizes after our sell out. Two lucky FunGuys holders will be chosen to receive one of these prizes!

Sellout within 30 days: 500 MATIC + 2 free NFTs each
31-60 days: 250 MATIC + 1 free NFT each
61-90 days: 100 MATIC + 1 free NFT each

Minting is Live!! 


FunGuys Club

Mint your FunGuys now for only 7 MATIC

Follow on Twitter and Discord for all important updates and giveaways.


A fun childhood game with a modern twist!

Mint Easter Eggs for only 1 MATIC each (no limit) starting March 16th

50% of sales will be added to a prize pool

Crack your egg open on Easter to reveal a one of a kind FunGuy, generated from over 100 hand drawn traits

Holders that find one of the 3 golden mushrooms hidden in the collection will win their share of the prize pool!


Mint 10 or more Easter Eggs and you will be able to claim a free original FunGuys Club NFT!

Easter Egg Hunt


Presale Mint 17 MATIC

Begins 1/29 9:09 AM Honolulu time
Lasts 24 hours
Public Mint 25 MATIC

Begins 1/30 9:09 AM Honolulu time
Metadata Reveal
Revealed and tradable on Opensea 2/1
Easter Egg Hunt
Mint an Egg for 1 MATIC. Crack it open on Easter and find a Golden FunGuy to win $$$
Merch Store
Buy shirts, mugs, stickers and much more.
Coming Q3 2022
FunGuy Foragers P2E Game
Forage mushrooms and earn SPORE tokens for prizes.
Development begins Q3-Q4 2022


Lars Matars

Determined, humble, and hardworking. The mastermind, the brain, the man behind the scenes making it all technically sound. Lars is our handy dandy developer, programmer, and our money man.

Website pic.jpg

Alex the Great

Sassy, soulful, wild, and Creatrix of all forms. Alex is a talented artist, website designer and designated break master. 

("Yes, you must take breaks whilst computer-ing" -Alex)



The most amazing pup in the world. Patience, cuddles, and vicious chicken chases fill this pups day. She is also our biggest fan and protector.



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